Rekey Locks

Is it vital for you to rekey locks in Ajax, Ontario, as soon as possible? Don’t worry if you are pressed for time! And don’t have concerns about the quality of the service either. As long as you want one or more locks rekeyed in Ajax, you can count on our team.

At Ajax Locksmith, we know all too well that this service is often required urgently. And we are ready to serve in a rapid manner. More importantly, we always send locksmiths with experience in rekeying locks and making keys. Whether this is an emergency or a need to enjoy the convenience of a master key system, Ajax locksmiths are ready to serve.

Qualified locksmiths in Ajax rekey locks in a proper manner

Rekey Locks Ajax

We are available for lock rekey service in Ajax. There’s no need to face an emergency to have locks rekeyed. As long as some locks can be rekeyed and operate with the same key, a locksmith comes out to change the configuration of their pins and make a key that will work with them all. If you prefer to operate a few locks with one key and stop carrying a large keychain, let us know. An Ajax locksmith will serve your needs as soon as it’s suitable for you.

For emergency lock rekey service, contact us 24/7

Are you looking for locksmiths available for emergency service? It’s usually time-sensitive to rekey locks when the key is missing. More accurately, when a certain key is stolen or lost and there’s a fear that a property’s security may be compromised. In such situations, the goal is to render the missing key useless. That happens when the lock pins change. And so, the key must change too to fit well inside the lock. That’s what rekeying a lock is all about. The locksmiths change the pin layout and so the old key doesn’t fit anymore. Naturally, they make a new key. And so, when the key is taken and the lock is okay, there’s no need to change the lock. What’s needed is key change and the lock rekeyed. And this happens in a timely fashion.

Emergency or not, lock rekeying services are provided by expert pros who show up with key replacement products and the necessary tools. The service is provided quickly, especially if this is an emergency, and doesn’t cost much. If you need to rekey locks, Ajax locksmiths are ready to respond. All we ask you to do is get in touch with us.